Re: Roleplaying ideas

From: Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira (eduo@CIATEQ.MX)
Date: 04/13/98

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998, Marco Paglioni wrote:

> I have some useless-addon :)  a biography for a player, containing
> quests done by the player, like "in <date> you have slayed the evil
> Raugas who was attempting to destroy the city of...."  those phrases are
> written by IMMs, or by the autoquest system."  a player can see the
> biography of another player with a special command, or going to the
> local library and reading the book with the history of that player.

I wanted to add something like this (or complement to this) in the vein of
Nethack, a count of the monsters you had killed. Not the total monsters
but the total of each type of monster.

You have killed:

5 rats
8 fidos
12 creepy crawlers


I also wanted to add something I have seen in a few muds, in which you
define your characteristics, physical characteristics, upon entering (like
you choose your relative height, hair color, general complexion, etc.)
from menus and that becomes your description when someone sees you.
Changes to the description randomly added by fights or imms could make
this better. I am not sure if this should affect stats or, conversely, be
affected by stats (that is, depending on your stats and your chosen
attributes a description is made for you, with some random things thrown

A graveyard in which the tombstones have names of higher level characters
that have died already (if you have definitive death in your mud) or been
deleted could also be funny (not to mention their zombies..:)

More ideas?

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