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From: Shane W. (shanerw@J51.COM)
Date: 04/07/98

  Well.  As I continue to code my mud many ideas have hit me.  All users start out classless and can gain skills and 
spells linked to their race and profession.  The guilds will be player run.  The guilds will offer some more skills but cost a ton of money to keep up and to join.  I am also working on a "plan/sheet" type of method to catalog non coded skills and character history which all must be approved by a wiz (check out GhostWheel MOO to see what I mean).  I also ripped the look code from TheIsles which gets rid of the lame "<worn on blah> thingy" crapola.  As far as XP and leveling go I will probaly rip out XP and make it SKILL XP.  ie.. If you fight alot with a sword your sword skill will boost not your mace and bash skill.


Shane Raymond Werner
Dual MCP

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>One thing i would like to point out to any newbie IMPs or Coders (newbie
>coder my self but long time IMP and decent at c coding) is that although
>I have implemented some of this stuff, i doesnt make mortals Roleplay.
>Even giving incentives such as, if an IMM is on and "catches" you
>roleplaying, you get awarded a certain ammout of xp (i use the standard
>10% from d&d)  I would LOVE to force morts to roleplay, but I think it
>would put a strain on the morts to IMM relationship.  Of course i could
>be wrong, but i never liked playing in a MUD where the IMMs were always
>over your shoulder watching what you did and punishing you for not doing
>something the way they want.

The best way I can think of to convince people to RP is this: Make
non-killing things give more XP than killing.  I will be reducing XP for
killing to LOW levels, and making skills, and auto-quests give more XP
than killing.  This encourages people away from killing, which slowly
urges them towards RP.  I will have my MUD as RP encouraged, not RP
enforced.  I am going to be writing a "Guide to RP" to help those who
have never done it before.  Something to give the players a hand.

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