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From: Gary Barnett (gbarnett@POLARNET.COM)
Date: 04/07/98

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Subject:  Consider (was Roleplaying idea)

>> to a dragon which would flambe you before you got within sword's reach.
>> So much I find that people rely on the consider command to tell them if
>> they can kill the mob.  Gee, if life only had a consider command.
>i think its pretty safe to say that life DOES have a consider command of
> can look around at people and decide whether or not you could
>beat could judge by the size of a person, how muscled they are,
>what kind of weapon (if any) they have, how they move, demeaner, the look
>in their eyes, etc..
>the problem with the mud consider is that you can't operate the same
> can't rely on mob descriptions because they always say how big
>and bad the mob can't observe how they behave since most mobiles
>just stand around waiting to be killed..


How about a consider command that displays something like this.

..The cannon-fodder mob seems more heavily armored than you.
..The cannon-fodder mob seems weaker than you.
..The cannon-fodder mob is much larger than you.
..The cannon-fodder mob seems to be carrying a much less powerful weapon
than you.
..The cannon-fodder mob seems much less intelligent than you.
..The cannon-fodder is in better shape than you are.

Comparisons based on stats. Doesn't give them much free information, yet
fulfills the definition of 'considering' a potential target.


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