From: Thomas Smith (ibedemigod@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 04/07/98

>I'm trying to compile Circlemud with Gnuwin32 B18 in Windows 95. But

If your using GNUwin32 get the b19 version.  I had little to no trouble
on the intitial configure of the mud.  You will get some warningings
about "char" and "else" statements during compile but it hasnt affected
the play of my win95 mud.  Also, after you have compiled the mud, the
exe will be in \bin.  dump the .dll its asking for when u try to run it
in there (the dll is in cnu's bin dir)

what i REALLY suggest is configureing, compiling, and runnin it on a
Unix system.  I am much happier doing it there and using a grep tool
than dealing with windoze 95 and its instibility.


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