Re: Consider (was Roleplaying idea)

From: Thomas Smith (ibedemigod@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 04/07/98


First off i would like to thank you all for your help with my sleeply
written do_aid code.  I will post the finished product within a few days
after its been fully tested.

--begin long ramble--

Now, to get to the topic of this thread.  I see alot of similiar ideas
on RP, the "getting rid of levels" is currently being discussed between
the IMMs.  We do have mob progs and do have a set standard for mobs.
But some of the ideas i believe are totally wrong.

The comment about lame <item worn here> i think is way off.  Thats the
kind of information needed for a player.  Now im not saying that a
character should type score and see <worn on head> A helm +1.  Thats
totally wrong.  But knowing what your wearing/wielding/holding is an
important part.  If you take that away from them, then it takes away
some of the fun makeing them have to remember things that they shouldnt.
Look at a d&d character sheet, 90% of the thing is your stats, armor,
items, etc....  You cannot encourage RP by denying characters basic

One spell that i wish was NEVER created though was the stock identify.
This totally throws off the game balance and makes cursed items useless
unless you add a "NO_REM" flag or something to the item.  This spell
give almost total information on any given item, and in stock the damn
thing is readable by EVERYONE!!  Including a fighter with a 4 int.  Now
dont flame me by saying "Well make scrolls !Figher" or "Put in a scroll
skill" cuz i have done the latter.

On another note, I have rarely seen players on a MUD who are more
intrested in RP then leveling unless the mud is stated to inforce RP.
Im not even comming close to saying that this is right, but it seems to
be the norm.  Someone here mentioned that Mortals are basically lazy and
to this i totally agree.  In our zones, direction and door descripts are
put into every zone but i have YET to see a mort type look north or look
door.  Why? Cuz it takes time out of there gettin exp.  I belive that
even getting rid of showing them levels will still not make it much
different.  And we have had in the past, morts so damn lazy that they
used either zMUD or TinTin++ to sit in the newbie area and just
slaughter poor newbie mobs with triggers while they sleep!!  The obvious
solution is to make the mud level based and i believe that that is the
worst thing i have ever seen.  The true players now get screwed.  think
of it, a group of say 4 10th level morts go and kill a high level mob
and are unable to use the eq that they just got????  No, thats wrong.

So now it comes down to, i believe, two things.  1)Making the mud reward
for RP and hack/slash equaly.  2) Making the mud fun enough that mortals
are more inticed by what is going on than in leveling.

--end long ramble--

Comments? Flames? Ideas? Just need to get something off ur chest?
Reply!! (hehe) or send me mail at if you think
what you have to say is too harsh for the list.


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