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From: Tony Maro (tmaro@TACSYS.COM)
Date: 04/08/98

What about making MOB's more intelligent and responsive?  Conversation,
giving quests (Talk to a MOB he tells you he needs a dull ring, give him a
dull ring, he gives you a magic sword, etc.  Sort of like TES: Arena) The
problem with hack/slash as I see it is that if you try to discourage it, then
a MUD with fewer MORT's online will be BORING!  And, if there ARE
MORT's then it becomes more of a coffee break than an epic adventure.


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  The gods on my mud have been mulling over the hack/slash concept and
trying our bests to make the mud still just as fun, but far less
hack/slash.  An idea I came up with and am about to commit myself to would
be lessening experience given by mobs each time a character kills that
mob.  Not only does this make _sense_, but it would fix our problem.
  My current code design is to create a plr_mob directory, under lib, that
will keep a track of mobs that the player has killed and the number.  Each
time a mob is killed and gain_exp() is called, it will do various lookups
from the file, similiar to objects.
  I will keep you updated on my progress and perhaps make a patch if it
turns out well.  Would it be best to simply open the files and close them
on each gain_exp() call or to open them once upon bootup and load the
data into some list in memory?  Or maybe to open it once a player logs in
and write once they log out.

  Take Care,

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