Re: [CODE] Strange occurence

From: Christoffer Lundberg (avatar@ORION.BODEN.SE)
Date: 04/08/98

Ok, the code looks like this now:

void elemental_portal(void)
  struct obj_data *portal;
  struct time_info_data time_info;
  int room, i = 0;

  while ((room = real_room(number(4210,4200)) == NOWHERE && i < 100))
  if (room == NOWHERE) {
     mudlog("Could not find a valid room after 100 tries.", BRF, LVL_IMMORT, TRUE);
  if (time_info.hours == 23) {
    portal = read_object(4216, VIRTUAL);
    if (portal == 0) {
      mudlog("Could not create portal object.", BRF, LVL_IMMORT, TRUE);
    sprintf(buf, "Elemental Portal appearing in room %d.", room);
    mudlog(buf, BRF, LVL_IMMORT, TRUE);
    obj_to_room(portal, room);
    send_to_room("The very fabric of space is ripped apart as a shimmering portal appears.\r\n", room);
  } else

But the portal doesn't appear. Nothing happens, not even a log. What can
be wrong?


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