Re: [code] do_title

From: Pure Krome (Pure@SPRINT.COM.AU)
Date: 04/08/98


Hi All.

>      buf = '\0';

Shouldn't the be *buf = '\0'; ???

> In Other news:
>         Hey - anyone ever change their mud around so it _is_ more d&d
> like.. simple example - make scrolls, wands, staves, etc wizard & cleric
> only?

Yep. we've got the AD&D style magic system, and changed it around to suit our
needs. When i say AD&D magic system, i mean you have to mem / pray for spells.
you have to scribe spells from scrolls or other tombs. and the more you level,
the more spells per level AND new spell levels you gain. When you say wizard
and cleric only? we also have other classes, though.

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