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From: David Wiklund (mathrim@HEM1.PASSAGEN.SE)
Date: 04/09/98

At 08:45 1998-04-08 -0400, you wrote:
>what was your reason for changing it? do you subtract experience when a
>person levels? made some other change that requires the
>differential rather than the total? if not you would have no reference
>to when the next level will will be 4000 no matter how much exp
>you have..i'd suggest putting it back the way it was :)

Well I have made a int that stores the total of a characters exp.
And I have also changed so you train spells/skills with exp and money.
So if you start in say cleric and play for 3 months.
Lets say you are lvl 30 and several spells/skills max, then you get a
exp-worth of about 100M exp.

And then you can reincarnate at a tax of 10%. So that guy who was cleric
and had 100M worth after reinc he get kicked to race/guild choosing menues
and when he is thru with that (say he selected warriors now) he is a lvl 1
warrior with 90M exp on. Now he can use that exp's to train and lvl as much
as he wants.

That's basically what I want to do... cause then it is easier if I want to
change something in the playerfile... I only get all the exp_worth's from
all the players and when they enter the game it is like I have made a reinc
on em...

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