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From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 04/09/98

Daniel Koepke wrote:
> Tony Maro wrote:
> >
> > Patrick,
> >
> > How many people are _REALLY_ going to be ABLE to create a magic
> > fireball in real life anyway?!?
> > Itsn't that sort of the point?  ::Sorry, I couldn't resist  ;-)

*raises his charred hand*

> I don't see where reality came into the picture at all?  I think the
> point was to make their MUD more like Dungeons & Dragons.  And,
> besides, for all I know, people can cast spells that create fireballs.
> I just haven't ever seen it.

"Nothing is impossible, just improbable"

> And, D&D does have a sort of class balance.  By giving magic solely
> to mages and clerics, you no longer have Fighters that act more like
> a "jack-of-all-trades".  But, this kind of unexplained, abritrary
> limitation of what items people can use is certainly not how I would
> go about it.  I would say that scrolls are written in runes that
> magic users/clerics implicitly know (at least, partly); and that
> warriors and thieves will have to learn (and quite slowly) to read
> the srolls before they can use it.  Also, charge more for potions,
> scrolls, staves, and wands.  After all, magical items should be
> fairly rare, right?  Give certain potions devious side affects and
> watch your warriors trying to determine whether they should buy the
> yellow potion for 1500 gold that may or may not be detect invis and
> will most certainly have a few bad affects...

Or why not just remove classes all together and just make people aquire the
knowledge of runes through apprenticeship to a master mage (think an additional
state (wait_training) and have a skill take ticks to learn. When you get
apprenticed to a master mage, you spend 2 full mudmonths learning runes (Ok,
maybe 5 full muddays in 1 tick intervals, dont want players running off) and
then you can train from there. Make people have a mental capacity  (so you cant
learn both rune types, or full warrior skills) and have this expandible over
time through experience. For that matter, rewrite XP so that you dont gain
levels, you gain hp, mana, etc through use (You use mana, you gain it back.
Every time you use it you gain more capacity to use it until you reach a certain
amount as defined by your mental capacity which is determined by your age,
kills, etc.) As you can see, this make the game more lifelike, but this raises
another delimma: Originality, or classic. Many players dont like open-the-box
muds, but many more dont like having to relearn everything they know. A good mud
has a good balance or changes things only to the extent of having a familiar
interface but lots of new stuff.


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