Re: Compiling under Win95 with VC++ V5.0

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/10/98

> I'm trying to compile circlemud under windows 95 with Visual C++ 5.0.

        I believe that this has been discussed extensively most recently -
you should check the recent posts to the list archive, or grab the
circlemud faq which will help you to intstall/compile under win95. I'm not
really big on it, so I can't give much help here.

> thinking about installing Linux as a secondary operating system so if
> anyone has an info on compiling errors under devian's Linux please tell
> me.  Thanks in advance.

        I'm pretty sure its Debian Linux, (i could be wrong, a new flavor
comes out every month), and I really doubt you'll have many problems at
all with it, at least, as much as you would with rh5.0 out of the box.  I
use the Slackware myself, but if you're not familiar with unix than either
rh (Red Hat) or debian should work fine for you.  If you get rh5.0, you
might want to recompile your kernel - its made up for a 686 if I remember
right. Oh, and recompile all your libs too - same reason.

        Course, and as always, I could be wrong :)


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