Re: Roleplaying vs. H&S (was Consider)

From: claywar (claywar@RJSONLINE.NET)
Date: 04/10/98

> Well done!  What additional skills did you incorporate?  I assume that
> there are many more than the stock options?  Did you add things like
> "long-sword" or "swordfighting" in general?  What are the average numbers of
> skills that a given player may have some sort of proficiency in?

There are roughly 20 weapon skills that we currently use which are an
integral part of tohit calculation, in guilds they are difficulty advanced
which means they can only be taught to a max of 13% (based on intelligence
max).  The rest must be learned by non guild methods which include learn
by use and spells/books/etc.

There are also general skills such as combat, magic theory, and so on,
which also play a role in success rates.

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