Re: NEWBIE: Unknown crashes

From: Dag Christensen (dag@TM.TELIA.NO)
Date: 04/14/98

At 16:52 13.04.98 -0700, you wrote:
>I tried what you said, and compiled circlemud using the developer
>studio, and when it crashes, i go to debug.
>However the code it shows me is all dissasembly, the line it takes me to
>00443C4B   movsx       eax,byte ptr [edx]
>What am I supposed to do with this?

- Ensure that you have compiled the debug version. You can chose this from
the toolbar on my installment, otherwise try Build/Set default configuration.
- Run the mud with Build/Debug/Go (F5), not with Build/Execute yourmud.exe
- When the mud crashes and VC displays the disassembly, choose View/Call
stack (Alt+7) to bring up the call stack. Here you can see which function
in your mud that caused the problem. Double-click this function and VC will
take you to the line that crashed the mud.

I'm using Visual C++ 4.2, so the menu commands might be slightly different
in your version.

Good luck!



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