Re: [code] doors Jade Kenago at "Apr 16, 98 04:00:02 am"

Date: 04/16/98

> I would imagine fixing this would involve adding a loop to check if
> the current door is open, and if it is go on to the next door and try
> and open it, until it either runs out of doors to open or the current
> door is locked.
> However, the code is such a mess I'm still a couple days from figuring
> out exactly how it works ;) (I hate the 20 line case statements using
> 10 different scmds)

        A "couple days" being an understatement, it'd seem.  If you read
it a bit more carefully, you'd see that in stock circle code, open accepts
two arguments, a door name and a direction.
        Christ, even "help open" from within the game will tell you
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