Re: [Newbie] Telnet Question

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 04/16/98

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Dolan, Scott wrote:

->Just out of curiosity.. Is there any way to get the mud to open up a
->telnet session for you to the host computer?  The system I use has a
->firewall that will not allow any outside ISP's to access the inside, but
->it would be nice if my coders could compile, make changes, etc from the

If I'm reading your question right, this would be about the fiftieth
time I've seen it.  Look at mud++, it allows remote connections to
spawn editors.  But, really, it's a lot of trouble and it's really
slow.  Plus, most sysadmins love it when users circumvent firewalls by
giving shell access through programs.  I can just see the disgruntled
coder leaving you with a nice goodbye, deleting your code, sending a
flame to the sysadmin, and then hooking the UDP echo service up to the
UDP chargen service, or SYN cookies, or just sending a Ping of Death
(provided the server isn't Win95 or WinNT which are immune; in which
case, they'd send a Teardrop packet which most UNIX OSs handle, but
causes a crash in Win95 and WinNT).

If you can't figure out what's bad about having the UDP echo service
hooked to the UDP chargen service, you probably don't know what
chargen does.  Chargen, for testing purposes, responds with random,
meaningless characters to every packet it receives.  This would be
bad, because after the hookup, chargen would generate random
characters and send them to the echo service, which would echo those
back, causing chargen to generate more random characters, and on and
on and on.  An endless flood of data is never good. :)

I have no experience in this type of stuff...really...

-dak: "" - Teller

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