Re: Hedit help!!

From: Del (Panther) (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 04/16/98

Fiorin wrote:
> ok I have put the patch in and have made sure all the help entries point
> to a unified help file named help.hlp but it will not save what I edit
> either new or old.  Is there anyone who can help with this. I am using
> the hedit.patch that I found on ftp site.
> Fiorin

I am sure glad I am not the only one who had this problem!!!

Things I found out that are not very clear about the editor and below
are a few suggestions for someone who wishes to take a little time and
refine the editor!?!

   The Editor does work.. but it ONLY saves the information you type in
   under option 1, AND the level. So it doesnt actually save the aliases
   for the help. YOU have to add them in as the first line of the
   editor. (why the option for changing the aliases were never
   implemented.. I have NO idea)
   If you already tried, to make a help file, you need to go into the
   help.hlp file and delete that last one.
   Also, the editor ADD's on to the text already there, so if you
   add a new help file and DO NOT delete the first line.. the help
   topic will not work. Just make sure you list the text before saving

Suggestions for someone who can actually code.. (I wish I could!)
1. Add the menu option to change/edit the help aliases.
2. Have hedit save the aliases instead of the user having to type
   them into the editor.
3. Allow for multiple files to be edited, possible to add a third
   variable on the command line for the .hlp file?
   (I created a NEW help file to add to, since it is more likely
   that I will be creating NEW help files for all the things added
   than to edit existing ones and had the editor point to that new
4. Some possible option to list the topics within a certain .hlp file?

   <add your suggestions here>?

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