Re: [code] doors

From: Del (Panther) (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 04/16/98

Raven Jade Kenago wrote:
> Um, duh :) I'm not stupid, I know perfectly well you can open door
> <dir>. I've played muds for a long time, and I just always hated
> having to type open door <x>,
> open door <y>, open door <z>, instead of being able to just type open
> door, !, !. I'm trying to improve the base code to add some things
> stock circle doesn't have to make the mud a little easier to navigate.
> Thanks for the helpful response ;)
> Raven

Using zMud has given me many ideas of how to handle moving around the
one trick I added within zmud was for the direction keys, was to add a
variable to the keypad each time I went a direction. That variable maked
that last direction I went. If I came upon a door, it would open that
door in that direction of my last movement. (atleast try to) and if it
was locked it would try to unlock the door in that direction also.
So, my idea is that a code be set that the door in your last direction
be used to as the default door direction?

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