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From: Ben Britton (ben@SW2.K12.WY.US)
Date: 04/16/98

Hello, I been looking into this, but it seems my ideas are lacking.
I added the Hometowns snippet and now my newbie_loadroom and all other
rooms all turn up to room 0.  The only thing i can think of is that the
first hometown (one that the people cannot choose) seems to be room 0. But
even changing that number didn't move them when they loaded.
I have this entered right after the load_room check for immort and mortal
start rooms.

If (GET_LEVEL(ch) < 5)
        load_room = r_newbie_start_room;

Also, I have changed all of the save_char(ch, NOWHERE) calls to
save_char(ch, ch->in_room);

but my characters room still doesn't save?

Is there something I missed?

Ben Britton

Email: ben@sw2.k12.wy.us

405 Evans Dr.
Green River Wy 82935

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