From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 04/16/98

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Patrick Merina wrote:

->Okay can anyone tell me how to add areas (zones, rooms, objects, mobs
->stores) to my mud? i have offline editing for my builders but i dont know
->how to add zones :(

I dunno, maybe try RTFM?!!  doc/building.doc Section 2.1 (How World
Files and Index Files Work),

  The index files make adding new areas easy.  Instead of cutting and
  pasting huge chunks of area files, simply add the new areas to the
  appropriate directories and add their names to the index files.
  Make sure that the files listed in the index appear in numeric

[Warning: the below is a ludicrous attempt at humor.  Not only is it
 somewhat off-topic, but I'm _not_ funny, so avoid the below at all
 costs.  Oh, and if my appalling attempts to be humorous remind you
 of accountants and then of that fact that you forgot to file your
 taxes: sorry, you've been playing MUDs for too many consecutive
 hours, it's too late, you will be immediately audited by the
 kinder-gentle IRS, go directly to jail DO NOT PASS GO...would you
 like some cookies with that 4 year sentence to a federal penetrary?]

I think somewhere hidden in that paragraph and the one following it
(out of the four in the section) is a subtle, but I don't
know for sure: I've been going over it quite studiously for the past
few days and haven't found anything remotely useful.

I've even tried taking every second letter of each word and seeing if
that offered any clues, but if I'm on the right track, Jeremy, Alex,
et al have used some kind of algorithmic cryptography to encode the
message.  I've called in reinforcements, and the FBI is currently
pouring over every inch of the document.  In the meantime, I have come
to an arrangement with IBM to use the Big Blue parallel processing
technology to help in my attempt to break the encryption code should
it truly exist.  If both the FBI and IBM fail to come through, I've
been going over several other theories.

First, I was thinking about having my efforts blessed by the Pope.
Unfortunately, I'll have to locate someone to do this for me, because
I'm not only not Catholic, but in addition, I suffer from papaphobia
(fear of the Pope)...I suspect that growing up near Oakland,
California has instilled in me a fear of old guys wearing white pointy
hats and sheets (and remember, in the immortal words of Tupac Shakur,
prophet, artist, and all around good guy, "California knows how to
party...").  Go figure.

If that doesn't work, I was thinking of maybe going right to the
motherload: that lovable military installation that doesn't exist in
the Groom Lake area, Area 51.  So, I'll confer with the "grey aliens"
(herein, greys or grays depending upon preference :).  I hear that
their advanced society has created graphical MUDs worth playing, so
if they can achieve something as remarkable as that (nevermind the
faster than light travel, or alternatively, the creation of
gravitional affects to warp space), they may be able to discover
something hidden deep within building.doc.  Or, who knows, it might
even be _in_their_language_.  Maybe Jeremy isn't really busy with a
job, etc. ...maybe he's currently visiting Orion's belt with his grey
friends?  And, come to think of it, this might explain how Alex can do
so much at one time!  He must be a robot!

Also, I'll be translating the selections to Hebrew and Greek, then
sending hard-copies to the author of _The_Bible_Code_.

<cough> Told you I wasn't funny <cough>,

-dak: In summary, RTFM.

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