[NEWBIE] Need Help

From: Scott Wermter (scottcirc@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 04/17/98

I am having this problem, when I create a new character everything is
fine until I attack something. When I attack I automatically kill the
mob even though it will say that the mob ducks out of your way. I can
even kill the Implementor with a level 1 character, and it is not just a
new character it is any character. The mud does not crash or anything
like that. I am totally lost as where the problem is or where to start
looking. Here is what it looks like when I attack a city guard.


The cityguard ducks under your fist as you try to hit him.
Your blood freezes as you hear the cityguard's death cry.


I have added much code and have went back through it, but I am new to
coding so any help will be much appreciated.



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