Re: [NEWBIE] Need Help

From: Dolan, Scott (SDolan@ITMCORP.COM)
Date: 04/17/98

Just out of curiosity.. and I am a little new here so excuse me if I
don't understand the protocol.. but is it always necessary to answer
questions with such a bombastic response?  Or better yet.. when the
subject has the words [NEWBIE] in it giving the guy a little slack?  Not
everyone out in the world is a programmer trying to play with code..
some of us like mudding and have great ideas yet are still learning how
to deal with the code aspects of the game..  Hence.. the [NEWBIE]

        On Fri, 17 Apr 1998, Scott Wermter wrote:

        ->I am having this problem, when I create a new character
everything is
        ->fine until I attack something. When I attack I automatically
kill the
        ->mob even though it will say that the mob ducks out of your
way. I can
        ->even kill the Implementor with a level 1 character, and it is
not just a
        ->new character it is any character. The mud does not crash or
        ->like that. I am totally lost as where the problem is or where
to start
        ->looking. Here is what it looks like when I attack a city

        Maybe try reading your code?  Or at least posting it so we can
look at
        it and tell you what you've fvcked up?

        -dak: Jaded.

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