From: Funk HOG (funkii@GEOCITIES.COM)
Date: 04/19/98

Greetings, new to the list.
For some reason the files in my LOG directory seem to be stalled at
around the date that I first set up my mud.  I'm running Circle30bpl12
and I don't understand why this is so.  Can anyone offer a solution?

I also am cursed with a server that re-boots every day at a regular
time, so I have to re-run my mud.  Has anyone got an idea how to get
around this?  I asked my sysadmin and he suggested something called a
"cron job"  Until about 2 months ago I didn't know what UNIX was, let
alone how to run a mud...I have no idea what a cron job is or how to do
it, or if it'll even help me keep my mud up.

Thanks in advance.

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