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From: John Evans (evansj@HI-LINE.NET)
Date: 04/19/98

On Sun, 19 Apr 1998, Funk HOG wrote:

> Greetings, new to the list.
> For some reason the files in my LOG directory seem to be stalled at
> around the date that I first set up my mud.  I'm running Circle30bpl12
> and I don't understand why this is so.  Can anyone offer a solution?

No idea. Make sure that you didn't modify the autorun script and remove
the 'grep' calls that are in there. Also make sure that you have read and
write permissions on those files and directory.

Another thought (related to below), is that the machine kills the mud and
the script at the same time when it reboots so the script never has a
chance to add onto the files that are in the log/ directory. To solve
this problem, change servers. (Hint:  They are excellent!)

[Sorry if the shameless plug offended anyone.]
[Blue: Where's that 20 bucks you promised me?  (j/k)]

> I also am cursed with a server that re-boots every day at a regular
> time, so I have to re-run my mud.  Has anyone got an idea how to get
> around this?  I asked my sysadmin and he suggested something called a
> "cron job"  Until about 2 months ago I didn't know what UNIX was, let
> alone how to run a mud...I have no idea what a cron job is or how to do
> it, or if it'll even help me keep my mud up.

I'm not wizard at cron, so I'd have to point you to the Linux Bible or
someother top-notch Linux book. One online references that _might_ help is:

man cron

Good luck,
John Evans <>  --

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
  -- Arthur C. Clarke

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