Simple warning / Quinn!!! +relevant stuff

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 04/19/98

I just had to comment on this thread.

1.  Everybody has been saying, somebody should take action, somebody should
    take action!  You take action.
2.  I have put code in my personal MUD that will put a note in the syslog
    whenever his frodo ip and I believe one other connect and login.
3.  If you are randomly advancing people to implementor so they can code
    without ever actually taking the trouble to get to know them, there's
    one of your problems.  I personally won't let ANYBODY else except for
    one person that I've known for 2 years and I have never seen him do 1
    thing wrong or mean.  (Go Mark! 4000)  IF you are allow-
    ing them to code for you, I suggest you (A) get them their own account
    for testing, and review their code changes before you move it over (B)
    work out an offline coding situation where they can compile it on their
    own system then transfer a .diff or .patch file.  They aren't really
    convenient, but if you want to hit super-security mode, there's two op-
    tions fo ryou.
4.  I really don't think this thread needs to go much further.  We have IP
    addresses, MUD handles, etc.  I suppose we can bitch about the guy and
    spam it to all the list users, but we might as well save the time and
    just do something about it.  Find a "computer vandal" on IRC and tell
    him about this Quinn guy if you don't want to go to the cops, etc.  :)

Anyway, that was probably one huge bitch on my part, but I've counted 28
messages in this thread.  I've harvested enough useful information by now.

Relevant to CircleMUD:

I mentioned this guild code I was to begin writing in the past.  Well, I
_DID_ get it written, but in the end, I thought it was clunky and poorly
done.  I'm going to restart the project, and release a patch for stock

A player can join a number of guilds (up to MAX_GUILDS_JOINED)
He/she/it can be in only one guild at a time, but if he/she/it joins the
Wizard guild, learns two spells, then leaves and becomes a Warrior, he/she/
it will retain their skills from their time as a wizard.

The most difficult part of the code is in the practice command, and all
the checks for whether a character has a high enough level.  I guess an
array int guildlevel[NUM_GUILDS] can hold the level and stuff like that
could be used there with a magical for loop.  Sorting will be a pain
though.  *sigh*  Ideas are appreciated.


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