Re: Simple warning / Quinn!!! +relevant stuff

From: Fili (cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET)
Date: 04/20/98

Tony Robbins wrote:
> I just had to comment on this thread.
> 1.  Everybody has been saying, somebody should take action, somebody should
>     take action!  You take action.

I would make a few phone calls to him and his parents, etc. but I dont have his
number :)

> 2.  I have put code in my personal MUD that will put a note in the syslog
>     whenever his frodo ip and I believe one other connect and login.

*nod* Good idea :)

> 3.  If you are randomly advancing people to implementor so they can code
>     without ever actually taking the trouble to get to know them, there's
>     one of your problems.  I personally won't let ANYBODY else except for
>     one person that I've known for 2 years and I have never seen him do 1
>     thing wrong or mean.  (Go Mark! 4000)  IF you are allow-
>     ing them to code for you, I suggest you (A) get them their own account
>     for testing, and review their code changes before you move it over (B)
>     work out an offline coding situation where they can compile it on their
>     own system then transfer a .diff or .patch file.  They aren't really
>     convenient, but if you want to hit super-security mode, there's two op-
>     tions fo ryou.

My approach was to find people on previous muds that I knew for a LONG time then
ask them if they could code. I was lucky enough to find 2 - one that knew C and
one that new ASM. The one that knew C has gone MIA but the one that knew ASM
learned C and now is our head coder (I am secondary)

> 4.  I really don't think this thread needs to go much further.  We have IP
>     addresses, MUD handles, etc.  I suppose we can bitch about the guy and
>     spam it to all the list users, but we might as well save the time and
>     just do something about it.  Find a "computer vandal" on IRC and tell
>     him about this Quinn guy if you don't want to go to the cops, etc.  :)

HEH! Good idea! I vote you pay :)

> Anyway, that was probably one huge bitch on my part, but I've counted 28
> messages in this thread.  I've harvested enough useful information by now.


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