Re: Code bases

From: Alex (fletcher@DEMOCRACY.QUEENSU.CA)
Date: 04/20/98

Since this is vis-a-vis CircleMUD Related... here's my response:

> I wrote:
> > Try reading documentation before just bluntly asking questions.
> Hmmmmm, lets see... I want to code in some aspect of the game, and would
> need some help. I guess I would have to read every documentation
> published, and HOPE that the information is out there
Looking before asking is always a good thing.  Especially since a lot of
the things that are asked on this list have been asked countless times
before.  Especially when they are things like 'what's the difference
between these code bases?'.

> Is there some reason you have to assume that EVERYONE KNOWS WHERE TO
Yes.  Because of a) a large number of links are listed in the CircleMUD
FAQ (including one to the Mailing List FAQ) some of these links point
at the b) DikuMud FAQ which has links to other useful information places
such as the c) MUD FAQ.

So, yes, I have reason to assume that people on this fucking mailing
list know where the fuck to look for things.  I have reason to think
that people on this mailing list have a) enough of a clue and b) enough
courtesy to do some searching on their *own* *before* asking the mailing

Which part isn't clear?

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