Re: Idea.. probably done before

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/21/98

> I seem to remember having seen something about having muds linked up
> so players can move between them as easy as zones.
> Is this just wishfull thinking or has anyone made this sort of
> transparent switching a possibilty.
> I'm sure that there is inter-mud chat, but what about real
> interaction?
        Not quite wishful thinking but well.. let me put it this way -
have you ever written a converter for your binary player file? Not a
simple one, where you just copy chunks, add the new additions, and then
copy the remaining chunks, but actually something where you go element by
element by element and convert to the new style? Now do this twice, so you
can go back the other way. Make sure to set good default values for those
that exist in one and not the other. Now make sure that every time you
have a change in your code, you re-write both converters. Oh, and of
course, one of the converters is of course, being maintained by someone
else, as is their code, and they'll have to update both converters when
you change something too....

        Its really not to hard actually, the doing of it. Its the
maintaing of it that would be really actually painful. Now that you got me
thinking about the logistics though, I wonder if I couldn't make it easy
at least, to work and update.

        Let me put out some 'fun' patches and stuff first.

        Which reminds me - I had a 2 weeks of buisness trips followed by a
week of vacation, so I didn't finish that pedit code I said I would.
Figure on it being uploaded (Georges Site) sometime in the near future.


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