Re: Circlemud design issues

From: George (greerga@CIRCLEMUD.ORG)
Date: 04/21/98

On Tue, 21 Apr 1998, James Turner wrote:

>> That was in the context of the bpl13 patch, which is 3.0.
>I never put it into such a context.  I don't see where you feel that
>it was put into that context -- it certainly wasn't put there by me,
>and wasn't there at the beginning of the thread.

I put it in that context by mentioning the bpl13 patch.

>> As soon as you stop your close-minded 'macros are evil, functions are god',
>> we can get somewhere. :)
>Please do not attribute things to me that I have not said.  I have

You have said on a number of occasions (and I quote) "Macros are bad."

>A very minimal conversion from macros to functions (keeping the same
>names, just turning them into functions, and writing set statements)
>would take probably one afternoon.  It isn't that big of a task.  However,
>this doesn't include REMOVE_FROM_LIST -- something that replacing will
>take quite a bit longer.

The point is we don't want to convert all the macros to functions. :)

>Macros are very convenient.  They simplify the writing of code.  But
>it is time to go back and see what parts of the code need to be gone
>over in an attempt to restructure, repair, and improve past design
>issues.  Macros are included in this, but if you will recall my
>original post, they were only one topic out of six or seven.

Yes, but I've been whittling the argument topics down.

Design points:
* This is not C++, we will not make everything function accessed because it
breaks the perfectly reasonable current behavior.
* We will not use 'inline' at this time because it's not ANSI C.
* I care about speed where it does not complicate the code.
* I do not care about speed when it complicates the code.
* We use what the situation calls for, if it be a function, we do.  If the
situation doesn't require a full function, we make a macro.  If needs grow,
we change.

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