Re: [LIST] Idea / Request

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@NWPACLINK.COM)
Date: 04/22/98

Eventually, don't I always throw in my two cents on every thread?

Anyway, I think ripping on a newbie, especially over the list, is
unnecessary and wearisome.

Let's take an example!

"Hi my name is Bob how do you add 14 levels to CircleMUD and a new class
that can eat invisible objects."

A response of...

"RTFC, RTFM, RTFD... and huh?!?"

...may not be so necessary to be read on the entire list.  Now I'm not our
friendly local fascist [:)], so this can mean as little as nothing to you.

It seems like we're all tired of the same questions over and over again.  A
direct e-mail to the person reading "Check the archives, read the FAQs,
read the manual, and read the docs...", however redundant, is more polite,
and more constructive.

Next order of business.  For the popular belief of "CircleMUD is not to be
used to learn to code."  I used "Hello world." programs forever and all I
got out of them was how to make "Hello world." display on the screen.  Now
I read sections of my C manual(s) whenever necessary, but I mainly sat down
and toyed with Circle for about 6 months, learning how different things can
be used, where a certain code bit may be used another way.  So, what I do
know (although not extensive to even compare to the knowledge that George,
Sammy, Mark, etc...) I have learned from CircleMUD.  But I did wait almost
a year and a half before joining the list so I wouldn't be a _COMPLETELY_
annoying newbie.

I'm trying to create a "Caller" class on my MUD, and making the class was
simple (RTFD!), but trying to create the call skill for them was difficult.
 I thought a struct like this:

struct mobs_to_call {
   char *name;
   int minlevel;
} mobs[] = {
   { "poseidon", 17 },
   { "\n", 0 }

And then mimicing the do_cast strtok's for apostrophes and then mimicing
perform_set.  Does anyone have a more efficient way?  I thought also of
adding "byte class;" to the spell_info_data or whatever so that I can have
classes of spells, and make it so SPELLCLASS_CALLER spells can only be
called through do_cast, SCMD_CALLER...

Anybody have better ideas?


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