[LIST] Idea / Request

From: Chuck Reed (creed@I-55.COM)
Date: 04/21/98

Ok, this is a question I have for those of you blessed enough to have
machines of your own.

I really think that there should be two circle mailing lists.  One for
novice coders/admins where they can ask those stupid questions that get
flamed here.  I understand that this list is not for coders who have never
read a C book, and I understand why they get flamed.  However, there is no
place (that I know of) where these people can go to get guided in the right
direction (without flames).  Now, I'm asking if anyone out there would be
willing to set up a NEWBIE CircleMUD Mailing List.  I think it would really
benifit those just starting and people here would get less BS that they
don't want to see.

I know this is an idea for less spam Alex, but since it was to ask everyone
on the list a question, I figured it was best left to everyone, and not
just private email.
Also, if this list does get started, it would be a great help to post it in
the FAQ,
the CircleMUD web page (so they can see it when they go to download it),
and the other
usuall places people would see it.  Well, enough about my ideas eh?


Has anyone ever had a problem with the percentage load patch (Johan
Dustler) when trying to give an item to a mob and then percent restrict it.

God I could have worded that better.  Alas, I'm tired.

Chuck Reed

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