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From: Joshua Ray (avram@GTE.NET)
Date: 04/21/98

I am glad someone actually can help or as at least on my side wich is the
newbie side i my self has just started learning c code and the fre
circlemuds sites that i know the ftp one and some others but neither of them
has much with sniplets and i am wondering if there is a site with better
ones to learn from and to add to ours muds if so please let me know and i am
sure the rest of us newbies would love to hear the address to =)
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From: Fili <cybom@NETROPOLIS.NET>
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Date: Tuesday, April 21, 1998 9:19 PM
Subject: Re:  [LIST] Idea / Request

>Chuck Reed wrote:
>> I've never read a C book in my life.  As John Evans stated, I asked some
>> pretty stupid things when I first joined this list (and got flamed out
>> wazoo :), but that was for about one month.  I got the hang of it, and
>> I've never encountered something I couldn't figure out how to code.  I
>> wished that there was a place for newbies (like I was) to be greeted more
>> kindly.  Personally, I don't care about the flames, but some may get
>> discouraged and throw the whole things to hell you know?  I'd hate to see
>> that.
>*nod* I am the same as you Chuck. When I first started with Circle I knew
>nothing about C. (One of my nice questions when I first started (not to
>list) was "What is the file name that my code has to go in?") Withen a day
>getting the circlemud code I found the snippets site and started working
>the snippets on that page. I started taking some of the snippets apart line
>line (I figured most of them out...) and soon learned some C, but not much.
>I took a course at Rice University and learned a heck of a lot of stuff I
>knew. Once I returned from that course everything on this list suddenly
>into place. When almost every quesiton I asked before was stupid, now only
>of them are.
>> >This is not directed at you personally Chuck.  I'm sure you are a
veteran C
>> >programmer.  I also know that even the best programmer will occasionally
>> >ask a stupid question - and flames aren't deserved.  But to admit that
>> >have never read a C book but want to program a MUD in C?  That's a bit
>> >ludicrous, don't you think?  Pointers alone would leave your head
>> Not really :)
>*nod* Very few people that I have talked to who want to start a mud when
>if they have coding knowledge either say yes, or "Thats why I'm starting a
>(Of the ones that said yes, almost all failed any simple question I threw
>them (whats a parse error?)) As you can see, admins w/o coding knowledge
>quite common, and I believe that this is one of the most troublesome things
>about CircleMUD. This type of admin lives on patches and snippets, and
>has them in abundance.
>> >Now a list for just admins and gods...  That would be something! (no
>> >would be covered - just world design and object manipulation.)  Of
>> >you can't consider yourself only an admin by installing a stock Circle
>> >trying to compile it.  If you don't understand C, don't compile Circle!
><shameless plug> This kind of thing was thought of before in the sence of
>originality based issues and a mailing list for circle admins, gods,
coders, etc
>was created. </shameless plug>
>> I agree that the list you spoke of would be quite progressive, but that's
>> for another post ;)
>What the heck.
>My idea for how to implement this type of mailing list.
>Note - If this seems kind of hard to follow as far as the writing is
>sorry. As ideas pop into my head I'm writing them here :)
>First, this kind of mailing list would require 2 main things so it seems -
1) A
>restructuring of the current list to make newbie/non-major snippet related
>questions against the FAQ. This would force newbies to either join both
lists or
>(at least) not spam this one. 2) A group of somewhat skilled people who
>flame every single person on the list.
>After these two things are gained the list could be put into effect. In
>for both lists to work well together, any person subscribing to one MUST be
>referred back to the other list as well. (The newbie list suggests they
join the
>main one, the main list suggests they join the newbie one) This would
>both lists and would also help to make sure people understood what list
>type of question should go to. If the lists work hand in hand, the problem
>new blood wouldn't be too bad.
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