Re: [LIST] Idea / Request

From: Kevin (geosly@DCN.DAVIS.CA.US)
Date: 04/21/98

There seems to be two views on the idea about adding a mailing list for newbies.
One is that people who own a mud should have a basic understanding of "C
Programing" before owning their own mud.
-My responce to that comment is simple, anyone can learn if given the chance :)
Now splitting the list is a poor idea, the list is for newbies to the
advanced, it's for anyone who has anything to contribute to the circlemud
mailing list.
People who put the [NEWBIE] flag in their messages should have complete
amnesty from all nasty flames. If you don't like hearing newbie questions
then delete the messages. We were all newbies at one time. Live with it.
Now heres the thing... Newbies to circlemud should read all the FAQ's and
DOC's for their mud before asking questions. People have a right to get
agitated when you ask a question that was answered in the FAQ. Alex has
specificly made it a rule that anyone on this mailing list read the FAQ's.
Now if you decide to go your own way and you post something blindly, you
deserve a good flame here and there :)
But a main point to all, Newbies shouldn't be flamed just because they
don't know how to code, or are jus tstarting their first mud. Flame people
who deserve the flame, not people who are trying to learn :)
There is no reason to split the mailing list if we can all treat each other
with the same respect you yourself would like to recieve.
I've said enough for a lifetime and a half.
Live long,

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