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From: Tony Maro (tmaro@TACSYS.COM)
Date: 04/22/98

Del et al:

From the CircleMud FAQ:
1.2 I'm new to C and/or coding. What do I do?

First, a Mud is not a learning project. It has thousands of lines to it many of which are obscure and unclear to even moderately skilled programmers. Those little, ``Hello, world,'' programs are for learning, maybe little math tests, etc. A Mud is a pretty ambitous project to start with. That's like trying to run before you can walk, and while there's more difficult things than a mud to start with, there's a ton of easier things you should start with. Second, if you are persistent, get a good C reference book and read the code, try to comprehend what everything is doing (to some small extent).

MMmmm...  By the above description, buy a book before asking stupid

Of course there are always people who can learn programming by doing
as you and I both have.  I however, read books rather than forcing my
ignorance on everyone else.  Not to say that you have been, Del, but we
all have witnessed the "coder" who mentally is 14 and wishes to install
and run Circle when their programming experience consists of HTML, 
which someone convinced them was a "Language."

As the quote above says, learn to walk before you try to run (a mud.)

Del, I know how the person reading a message will put their own
intonation to the text - please realize I'm not trying to flame you with
this, I'm just stating an opinion that POSTING to this list should be
for coders when discussing code.  You may notice that I have NO
posts regarding specific code questions - I don't know enough about
C myself, I program in Delphi (Pascal) almost exclusively.  I'm here
to lurk and learn the coding while discussing such things as MUD
design, not mechanics.  And yes, I have several books on C.

Further comments within your message below:

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From:   Del Minturn [SMTP:caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET

In reply to Patrick D. and Tony M. posts on this topic:

Because I can run a mud (and have for years) and can not code means I
don't have an
oppinion on some topics
Or does it mean, I should not be on this list?
Again, no.
Or means I should not ask any questions because I have not read a C
YES!  Lurk until you have the basics, and buy a book for goodness sake!  
At least go to the public library and borrow one of those 8 year old 
ANSI C books they are likely to have!
Administering a mud and coding a mud are two different things. Please do
not confuse the two!
Absolutely true

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