[IDEA] An advanced user to post

From: Del (Panther) (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 04/22/98

How about an advanced user posting some ideas, every now and then.
Kind of a CircleMUD Tip of the day?

These tips can be used in many ways!
1. To teach everyone, including the experienced, how the code fits.
2. To possibly create discussions on how to refine the base code.
   if someone sees the code can be refined, this would be a good way
   for everyone to take a look at a section and give thier view if
3. The Tip of the day can include snippets and how to setup/fix or

I would not mind seeing things like sections of code explained in more
detail (how it works, if the code is written properly, ways to improve
the base code (or other code added))

With my latest learning of how to use arrays, the book I used to learn
that part apparantly showed an OLD way to do something and I was shown a
simple way of using the array. Books are good for learning basics.. but
only the experienced will know how to do things better/the right way.

Any VERTERAN CircleMUD Coders out there willing to toss out ideas and/or

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