Re: [IDEA] An advanced user to post

From: Sammy (samedi@DHC.NET)
Date: 04/22/98

On Wed, 22 Apr 1998, Bowes, Chris wrote:

>         i like this idea a lot ... i have to say that i dont gain
>         much from the list in terms of improving my coding
>         (mostly i enjoy reading the discussions about design, oh
>         and all the bitching you people do too :--) ... but its obvious
>         that there is a lot to gain from the list if you ask the right
>         questions... what i`d like to be able to do
>          (seeing as i`m not a brilliant coder) , is to take a function
>         that i dont understand completely from the circle code,
>         and say "whats this all about then ?"
>         and one of the more experienced coders (or anyone who
>         feels like they know the stuff) give a brief explanation as
>         to what the whole of the function does without some
>         clever bod saying "jesus what a stooopid newbie question"
>         i too have books on C , but they wont all tell me the thinking
>         behind some circle code :--(

Speaking from experience, you can learn a lot about circle just by
reading this list regularly for a long time.  I pretty much learned C by
playing with Circle, and joined this list as soon as I got a copy of the
code.  I survived this experience by being patient and learning at my own
pace, rather than asking a lot of questions.

My point is:  Have patience.  Read everything.  Try things.  Try them
again.  Learn from your mistakes and others'.  Memorize the FAQ's!  :)

In time you, too, can sneer at the annoying newbies who refuse to read the
FAQ's or boldly ask why you haven't written Snippet X for them yet.


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