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Date: 04/22/98

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> Subject:       [IDEA] An advanced user to post
> How about an advanced user posting some ideas, every now and then.
> Kind of a CircleMUD Tip of the day?
        i like this idea a lot ... i have to say that i dont gain
        much from the list in terms of improving my coding
        (mostly i enjoy reading the discussions about design, oh
        and all the bitching you people do too :--) ... but its obvious
        that there is a lot to gain from the list if you ask the right
        questions... what i`d like to be able to do
         (seeing as i`m not a brilliant coder) , is to take a function
        that i dont understand completely from the circle code,
        and say "whats this all about then ?"
        and one of the more experienced coders (or anyone who
        feels like they know the stuff) give a brief explanation as
        to what the whole of the function does without some
        clever bod saying "jesus what a stooopid newbie question"
        i too have books on C , but they wont all tell me the thinking
        behind some circle code :--(

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