Re: [LIST] Idea / Request

From: Del Minturn (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 04/21/98

In reply to Patrick D. and Tony M. posts on this topic:

I started with a circlemud 2.2 on an amiga system when I ran a BBS
92. I knew nothing of C programming. But the game was the best on the
Over time, I learned how to make changes to the world files and never
how to compile the game.
The BBS is long gone, due to the ever popular internet. And boy.. I am
glad I dont have it anymore! :)
I ran that mud for over 2 years.
I had been playing mud ever since.. and now a friend has asked me to run
mud for him. So on a crash course on compiling.. I learned fast.. I also
a lot about errors when compiling and where to find the information
about the different
types of errors..
I also learned how to add patches, and more recently (in the last few
days) I
am learning about coding specific things.
I have received a lot of help from just reading some of the posts in
here, and from some of the veterans on here.. (Which I am in debt to
Because I can run a mud (and have for years) and can not code means I
don't have an
oppinion on some topics?
Or does it mean, I should not be on this list?
Or means I should not ask any questions because I have not read a C

Administering a mud and coding a mud are two different things. Please do
not confuse the two!
I am sure you have run across many people who can code what ever they
want.. but can not administer a mud if thier life depended on it, on the
other half I am sure there are others that can administer a mud but can
not code... (I remember seeing some people's wives, Gf's, etc.. that can
not code but run the muds.. I guess they don't belong in this elite
group either.

Also, if the disclaimer for this list reads "For people who know C and
Administer CircleMud ONLY", I will be the first one to leave. But, I
believe it was for the CircleMud related topics. So, my oppinion is the
list is for EVERYONE from the beginners to the experienced.

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