Re: [LIST] Idea / Request

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/21/98

> I really think that there should be two circle mailing lists.  One for
> novice coders/admins where they can ask those stupid questions that get
> flamed here.  I understand that this list is not for coders who have never
> read a C book, and I understand why they get flamed.  However, there is no
> place (that I know of) where these people can go to get guided in the right
> direction (without flames).  Now, I'm asking if anyone out there would be
> willing to set up a NEWBIE CircleMUD Mailing List.  I think it would really
> benifit those just starting and people here would get less BS that they
> don't want to see.
        Bleh. You want to alter circle mud, sooner or later you got to
learn how to code. There are mailing lists out there I'm sure (never
checked) for newbie coders, just like there's irc channels for newbie
ircers (#newbies i think). Heck, I even enjoy the one or two times that
I've been sooooo mind-boggled by someones apparent lack of common sense
that I had to respond negatively! Its fun - and besides, for all the
flames i've ever given, I always give what I consider to be more than
adequate help, usually code.

        I don't object to such a new list, but really, should it have
anything to do with circle at all? Reading the FAQ(s), and knowing c is
all it really takes to be considered experienced enough to pose questions
or answers here. If you don't have that, you should read a bit.


P.S. If anyone would like a text that I found on the web a decent time ago
called "C in 5 hours" or something along that line, drop me a line. It's
enough to learn how to make minor changes in your circle mud code, and you
can probably go from there to actually understand. Its not difinitivetext
in any way though.

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