Re: [LIST] Idea / Request

From: Del (Panther) (caminturn@EARTHLINK.NET)
Date: 04/21/98

Chuck Reed wrote:
> I really think that there should be two circle mailing lists.  One for
> novice coders/admins where they can ask those stupid questions that get
> flamed here.  I understand that this list is not for coders who have never

I agree, there should be a NEWBIE mailing list. Or atleast one that
those asking
the simpler questions or topics other than stuff like the recent
Designing discussion.
Since I have no clue as to what they are mostly talking about.. I dont
bother reading them.
Not to say they are not of topic or they dont have useful information
for the more
experienced of coders. Its just way above my head.

Would think it would be nice to have a few experienced coders on the
list that would be willing
to answer even the stupidest questions..
Then again.. the only stupid questions are those that are not asked.

> ObCircle:
> Has anyone ever had a problem with the percentage load patch (Johan
> Dustler) when trying to give an item to a mob and then percent restrict it.

I had a problem installing one patch.. I don't remember which one. I
also had another
patch that I found, and tried that one last night.. seemed to go in
without too much of a problem.
(sometimes the fingers miss that { key!!)
I also got the editor to work ok, and tried to set one mob's percent.
But that was last night
at 1am or so.. didn't get to fully test it fully. But it appeared to
work ok..

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