Re: [LIST] Idea / Request

From: Chuck Reed (creed@I-55.COM)
Date: 04/21/98

>MUD!  Learn the basics first!  Like you said - this list AND mud programming
>in general is NOT for people who have never read a C book.

I've never read a C book in my life.  As John Evans stated, I asked some
pretty stupid things when I first joined this list (and got flamed out the
wazoo :), but that was for about one month.  I got the hang of it, and now
I've never encountered something I couldn't figure out how to code.  I just
wished that there was a place for newbies (like I was) to be greeted more
kindly.  Personally, I don't care about the flames, but some may get
discouraged and throw the whole things to hell you know?  I'd hate to see

>This is not directed at you personally Chuck.  I'm sure you are a veteran C
>programmer.  I also know that even the best programmer will occasionally
>ask a stupid question - and flames aren't deserved.  But to admit that you
>have never read a C book but want to program a MUD in C?  That's a bit
>ludicrous, don't you think?  Pointers alone would leave your head spinning.

Not really :)

>Now a list for just admins and gods...  That would be something! (no coding
>would be covered - just world design and object manipulation.)  Of course
>you can't consider yourself only an admin by installing a stock Circle and
>trying to compile it.  If you don't understand C, don't compile Circle!

I agree that the list you spoke of would be quite progressive, but that's
for another post ;)


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