Re: Weather zones.

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/22/98

> > I did this too.  Each zone having it's own climate.  However, the only
> > problem I am having now is it seems a little unrealistic to have it
> > snowing in one zone, and walk into another area where it's not :)  Oh
> > well.  It's better than it was before :)
> That's where Quality Control for your zones come into play by making sure
> that no one puts an artic zone next to a desert zone.
        Gosh, wouldn't it be keen if you had a mud laid on on an actual
grid or map such that you could impose not just per-zone climate changes,
but mud-wide season-based weather _patterns_.  Or is there a way to push
this through the current disjointed connectivety of zones that I haven't
taken the trouble to see, aside from much intervention from Immorts..

        Maybe some sort of .. How about this:

Make a graph of your zones.. sure it loops, sure it interconnects, no big
deal.  Get an algorithm to find the most dense area on that graph,
counting not just number of connecting zones, but number of
interconnections.. the default midgaard is probably the 'central' zone for
most. Now.. put that world on a flat map.. best we can do I'd suppose..
something like...

  3-4   10 8
  | /----\|
    |     |
    12    19

        etc.. .. take it like this now, assign each zone a default weather
'type'as per previously existing code.. then, assign a sort of world
(er..mud) pattern.. one which will rotate around..something like..

 warm|warmer|hot|warm|brisk|chilly|cold|icy|cold|chilly|brisk|->go to begining..

  and a similar cycle of humidity and wind?  and then have it overlay
directly to the zone graph above with a cycle effect.. so you'll have
different seasons across the entire mud, even if you have a winter zone
for example, there will be a winter and summer modifier so you can get a
thaw, and a deep freeze..
        add in special effects like weather causing damage, rain reducing
visibility/movement, heat and dryness causing dehydration and damage from
same, wind which hampers flying, blinding hail/snow, etc...

        I'd just die if I saw 5 pc's gathered around inside a town saying
something like "Lets wait till the spring thaw to take out the ice dragons
- it would be impossible to make it across those frozen mountains before
then!".. of course, they'd be in the tavern cause it would be bitingly
cold outside - you'd have to have magic, or be a ranger to survive too
long without numb fingers (-minus hit dam?) and other ill effects.

        These are just ideas, and i'm just overflowing today, so feel free
to ignore if rp ideas aren't your thing, or if you don't think that adding
reality to a mud would be fun.


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