[CODE/IDEA] Proficiencies

From: Chuck Reed (creed@I-55.COM)
Date: 04/22/98

Hello hello hello.  I've been developing the code for a new Profeciency
System much like the one used in AD&D.  The way it works is, players gain
prof slots every few levels and can fill them by finding special teachers
around the world to teach them things like swimming (makes water-swim
sectors more usefull), blindfighting, etc.  It works like a 2nd practice
list, accept any class can get these abilities, but they have to find them.
I've done the basic skeleton of it (now I have to add my MUD specific
stuff) and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in the code for
it.  Also, if anyone has any ideas to further such a system, I'd love to
hear about em.

That's all folks,
Chuck Reed

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