Re: [CODE/IDEA] Proficiencies

From: Paul Osborne (rikus719@EROLS.COM)
Date: 04/23/98

Hello chuck,
    Can i get a copy of this code you made.  I like the idea of working ad&d
proficiencies into to mud.  Here's some ideas for you..

special combat manuevers:  ex.  prone fighting, hit location, etc..... let
                                me know if you need all of them and what
they do..
fighting styles:  ex. close quater fighting(dwarven battleragers),
                                Thayvian style, etc....

if you need the complete lists and what they do just let me know.  We use
manuevers and styles in our current Ad&d campain now and it adds an
interesting twist to the game..


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From: Chuck Reed <creed@I-55.COM>
To: <>
Date: Wednesday, April 22, 1998 7:22 PM
Subject:  [CODE/IDEA] Proficiencies

>Hello hello hello.  I've been developing the code for a new Profeciency
>System much like the one used in AD&D.  The way it works is, players gain
>prof slots every few levels and can fill them by finding special teachers
>around the world to teach them things like swimming (makes water-swim
>sectors more usefull), blindfighting, etc.  It works like a 2nd practice
>list, accept any class can get these abilities, but they have to find them.
>I've done the basic skeleton of it (now I have to add my MUD specific
>stuff) and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in the code for
>it.  Also, if anyone has any ideas to further such a system, I'd love to
>hear about em.
>That's all folks,
>Chuck Reed
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