Re: Weather zones.

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/24/98

> >        Gosh, wouldn't it be keen if you had a mud laid on on an actual
> >grid or map such that you could impose not just per-zone climate changes,
> >but mud-wide season-based weather _patterns_.  Or is there a way to push
> >this through the current disjointed connectivety of zones that I haven't
> >taken the trouble to see, aside from much intervention from Immorts..
> >
> Well, that system's a bit complicated... but you could have temperature
> categories, like [hot, warm, cool, cold], in which the temperature did a
> little random walk.  Then have the categories change regularly based on mud
> date.

        Hm. I think you're probably right - let try for an easy way - have
a weather cycle, x months, dosen't matter... and for each month have a
_modifier_ for climates .. like humidity, rainfall, tempature, wind, etc.
Then, when a zone is created/etc, set the default values for each of these
modifiers, along with allowed ranges of changes and a max_per_day change

        So, you'd have a winter zone with something like

        Humidity min: 0
        Humidity max: 10    (these would make the average 5)
        max Change in humidity: 1

        Rainfall min: 10
        Rainfall max: 100    average would be 55..
        max change in rainfall: 20

        Then, each mud day, each zone would have each of their zones
adjusted based upon the info..

        Of course, this wouldn't have much to do with a world-wide climate
would it? You could still have winter next to desert.  Sigh. It would be
nice if there was some way to do that..

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