[Code] Online Config. Editor.

From: Jeremy Davis (jdavis@TIDEWATER.TEZ.NET)
Date: 04/23/98

I have just put a Config editor : world.tgz : in the circlemud.org
incoming, and a copy should be on its way to George (Yep, want it to get
around). Basicly, this patch is for experienced coders.  a new text file
should come out shortly explaining how to add functions to it (It really
should be easy!).  I do not wish to be E-Mail 500 million messages asking
me if I can set it up for everyone, or asking me how to install it.  This
patch allows the saving and reloading of most of the variables in config.c
from an external file.  And has a safegard that can be applyed (at your
disposal!) to keep buggy functions at the defaults you set in config.c.
The config file is located in lib/etc/config and is created when found not
present upon bootup.  If something is not explained (except in regards to
adding functions!) you can email it to me and I will add it in the updated
text file.  (Sorry, not very good at documenting!)

I hope this patch helps ya'll as much as it helps me!

to FIDO : I left you a message in the text file.  I based it off the world
          command in your clan patch, and gave you due credit in the text
          file.  I appologize for not being able to get in touch w/ you to
          letcha know.  Hope you dont mind!

Jeremy : (MadMax - Tower of the Lost Order MUD)

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