Re: Player edit.

From: James Turner (turnerjh@XTN.NET)
Date: 04/24/98

John Evans <evansj@HI-LINE.NET> writes:

> There are two fixes:
> * Edit only the playerfile and lock the person from being able to log in
>   until the editing is done.
> * Somehow lock the PC while they are being edited. Perhaps suck them into
>   room #1 (or whatever you use for void) and "freeze" them so that nothing
>   will happen with their stats while they are being edited.

There's a third option.  Make the edits atomic, ie, like set.  Have
the display show stats, and have it re-displayable.  If you edit
strength, it edits while they're on -- edits the direct player.

Heck, go one step further.  Re-do set a bit and have it a slight bit
more abstracted.  Make the menu editor call these abstract
functions... which would load a player if not in the game, set the
value, and save them.

Have it use the same functions in set so that changing one lets you
change both.

If the player's stats change while editing, then perhaps there could
be an alert to the editor (*cough* easy to do if all stats were
accessed by setBlah methods)... or at least alert to the big things.
Then redisplaying the menu would reflect the new stats (ie make the
menu live).

Basically, don't do it like OLC does mobs/objs/rooms -- edit live data.

James Turner     

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