From: John Evans (evansj@HI-LINE.NET)
Date: 04/23/98

On Thu, 23 Apr 1998, Joshua Ray wrote:

> ok i have ne clue whats goin on here i got oasisolc and its all installed
> into my mud. i make a zone and some rooms save it intrenaly. AND save
> everything that it says when i type olc.  It says the olc database is up to
> date or somethin  like that.  I shutdown the mud.  When i restart it the
> rooms arn't there and the zone isn't even there...
> This really sucks after adding a hundred rooms... anyone got any ideas on
> how to go about fixing this...

Have you checked to make sure that the zone has been added to the
appropriate index files? Oasis does not have problem with this as far as I
know. (Unless you installed the ANCIENT 1.3 version)


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