Re: Player edit.

From: Patrick J. Dughi (dughi@IMAXX.NET)
Date: 04/24/98

> The problem that I am having is that this editor will have to be limited
> to editing the playerfile and preventing anyone that is being edited from
> logging in. Here are the reasons:
> * What if the player dies?
> * What if the player levels?
> * What if the player performs an action that alters stats?
> * What if the player leaves the game while being edited?
        Okay, so if something that alters stats happens (hitpoints,
movement, stats, exp, etc...) what do you want? Will you want your changes
to go through, or theirs?  Seems to me like it would be case by case.

        How about this - make 2 copies of the player when you're editing
them. Alter one, but not the other. When you are done, compare the current
existing player to the one copy that has not been changed. Index all the
stats which are different. Same with any stats that you change in the
working copy.  Then, when quitting, offer an updated choice for each of
these.. example:

        You altered 'experience'.  Choose one:
        1) Use original value : 395
        2) Use current value  : 522
        3) Use value you changed it to: 0

        > 3
        and so on.

                Elsewise, i'd say just use "set file", and skip the
difficulties in a system which already works fine, even if it isn't

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