[Newbie] Literal " characters

From: JWoodsIII (JWoodsIII@AOL.COM)
Date: 04/25/98

I was trying to change all of my messages with quotes in them so that instead
of getting:
You say, 'Hello!'
you would get:
You say, "Hello!"
But obviously you can't just change it because " is already used by C. What
would I do to make a literal " character?

One more question...I'm trying to make a shortcut for MUSHers that allows them
to emote using a colon. Here's how it should work:
You type:
:walks around in circles.
It says:
Rasmussen walks around in circles.
OR ELSE You type:
: 's hands shake as he walks around. Hmm...
It says:
Rasmussen's hands shake as he walks around. Hmm...

Note the space in the second one. In the interpreter.c command list, should I
just add for this:
  { ":"        , POS_RESTING, do_echo      , 1, SCMD_EMOTE }
  { ": "        , POS_RESTING, do_nospace, 1, SCMD_EMOTE }
and then write do_echo? Or will C++ cut out the white space after the : in the
second one?


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