Level Based vs. Skill Based

From: Thomas Smith (ibedemigod@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: 04/25/98

Hello all,

Once again sorry for the lame question the other day, if i wasnt so
tired it would have clicked.

Now to the topic.  I am against Level based eq  but in favor of skill
based.  The IMP is the other way around.  I was wondering what you all

My thoughts are this:

Level Based - Good to a point, but seems to discourge newbies from
staying on.  Also forces people to stay within certain zones curtailed
to there level.  This impedes on game play.  Alot!!  Of course it does
stop 3rd level characters from walking around with a sword of total
death +50 (=.  But that isnt even the point in our mud, we encourage
roleplaying so even if the 3rd level character had said item, it wouldnt
help him to complete a quest.  (I am incorperating a Sphinx like
questor.  If you can guess the riddle it will lead you to the

Skill Based - This i beleive works as well as level based.  The 3rd lv
character wouldnt even beable to use the sword of total death +50 very
well unless he put all his practices into Long Sword.  Even if he/she
does this, now they dont have other skills which will be important to
have at a low level, such as bandage, or rescue.

Thoughts , comments, flames?   Happy to hear them all (=

ibedemigod@hotmail.com (for flames, dont use the list)

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